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10 Jul 2017

Why are 360 Degree Virtual Tours so Captivating?


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Posted By Elva J.

Aerial images always give the impression as if one is flying high in the clouds. Many of us would like to go there with every opportunity we get but of course, that is not always possible. In fact, many of us are still yet to ride an airplane for the first time in our lives. And how would it be if we can stand on some of the tallest structures in the world and have an opportunity of taking in the breathtaking vista of the surrounding landscape. This can be achieved with the help of 360 degree virtual tours and photography and this had enabled many people to at least experience what it feels like to be in these places, even if they have not been able to be present physically.

360 degree photography is mainly achieved through the stitching of images and it requires some great wide angle lens as well. The idea is to get multiple degrees of the area by slowly rotating the camera, just as if we are turning our heads to get a look around. Once all the shots have been captured in a single line, advanced photo editing helps in stitching them in place. The photos are no doubt shot from great heights, like the Burj Khalifa, the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building or the Qutub Minar, but that does not mean there is any compromise on the quality of the images taken. In fact, even if one zooms in to look into a particular detail, there will be no deterioration of the picture quality at all and this is what makes this so unique and special. Some of the most well known locations have been captured this way and viewers are always thrilled by these images.

Why are 360 Degree Virtual Tours so Captivating?
There is so much more to be achieved and yet already private service providers are using this technique to give even familiar landscapes a new perspective. They mostly include vacation destination and other high rise city buildings which have a stunning view of the skyline. The entire purpose of this kind of photography is to make the experience as life like as possible. Thanks to latest computers and hand held devices, one can enjoy the results from just about anywhere. Almost all the notable features in the world have been used to create this kind of panorama so that the general audience gets an impression of how it feels like to be standing on some of the most notable places in the world. Of course, diligent permission and paper work is required to go up to these places and shoot but overall there are no major restrictions as such. This technique is now being used in almost any commercial sector and wherever there is a scope for photography from an elevated ground, clients are embracing the opportunity to showcase their features from a new perspective.

It isn't everyday that such shots can be captured so the planning is conducted meticulously to capture each and every detail. Zooming in to thrice the size also makes no difference to the picture quality, in fact, military level drones can zoom in to twenty times and still not allow the picture to be pixelated. What clients now understand is that with a combination of these 360 degree images and regular photos of the landscape it is now possible to create a port folio of any project that can make it seem very attractive to the prospective buyers and financers in future, because of which there are no expenses spared while setting up the photo shoot. If things go like this, it would be hard to reclaim the top position that this kind of photography currently enjoys. Since more and more photographers are kind of trying their hands at providing 360 degree virtual tour service, the costs have also come down drastically in recent times, which means it is possible to get good quality work at reduced rates.

Of course, there are some spam companies as well who try to superimpose images assuming the client might not notice the details. In that case, always zoom in and look for distinctive features to ensure that the virtual tours are authentic.


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