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11 Jul 2017

Buy Different Types Of Remote Controlled Helicopters Online


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Posted By Bryce A.

Flying remote controlled helicopters can be a fun and exciting experience. It is a great hobby that people can enjoy in their free time. RC helicopters are more popular when compared to airplanes. This is because they do not require a large paved run way to operate. They take off vertically and thus users can operate them from practically anywhere. Nowadays, different types of RC helicopters are available in the market. They are made from a variety of materials. Aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic and glass-reinforced plastic are the common materials used for making the body. There are small electric RC helicopters, that are specially designed for indoor places. For children and beginners, there are toy helicopters that have limited controls and are very easy to use. Micro-coaxial hobby grade helicopters are larger in size and have twin rotors for better movement. Quadrocopters, also known as quad-rotor RC helicopters, are also available in the market these days. They have four propellers and can move in all directions. They have few moving parts and can easily do vertical take off or turns. Micro single rotor helicopters are very stable and perfect to be used by beginner hobbyists. Single rotor collective pitch hobby helicopters are most complex and expensive compared to other models. An important thing to consider while buying them is to see the power source they use. Most of them run on glow fuel and electric batteries. When a combination of methanol and nitro-methane is used as glow fuel, a flight time of eight to ten minutes is easily achieved. Nowadays, batteries are mostly used as the power source. Lithium polymer batteries are very convenient to use and offer a flight time of ten to twelve minutes. They do not make any noise and are less expensive when compared to fuel powered motors.

Remote control helicopter accessories

Online stores are the best place to buy fully assembled RC helicopters and their accessories. Complete kits are also available for those who wish to build their own model. Oxy 3 helicopter kit available online has a helical design for 3D performance. It is light in weight and has an ultra rich frame. Auto-rotation feature is integrated into the main gear hub. It's main rotor has an oversize hardened spindle shaft and semi rigid DFC head for precise performance. It has a smart and clean electronic wiring set up and its battery tray can fit a variety of battery packs.


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